英検準1級 ライティング予想問題01

問題 01

Is it good for developing countries to be more connected to the global economy?

・The Economy
・Job opportunities
・The environment

1.Yesで英検準2級の語彙レベル(CEFR A2)の解答例



① 経済に良い影響を与えること。
② 雇用を生み出すこと。

I think it is good for developing countries to connect more with the global economy. This helps them a lot.

First, it is good for the economy. When these countries connect with others, they can sell things to more people in different places. This means they get more money, which is very good for them.

Second, it creates more jobs. When companies from other countries come and work in these countries, they need people to help them. This means more jobs for the people who live there.

For these reasons, connecting with the global economy is very good for developing countries. It helps them make more money and create more jobs. This is why I think it is a good idea. (121語)




第二に、雇用が増えます。他国の企業がこれらの国にやってきて仕事をする場合、彼らを助ける人々が必要になります。これは、そこに住む人々により多くの仕事が与えられることを意味します。 これらの理由から、グローバル経済とつながることは発展途上国にとって非常に良いことです。より多くのお金を生み出し、より多くの雇用を創出することができます。これが、私が良いアイデアだと思う理由です。

2.Noで英検準2級の語彙レベル(CEFR A2)の解答例



① 大気汚染など環境に悪影響を与える可能性があること。
② もたらされる仕事が低賃金になる可能性があること。

I do not think it is always good for developing countries to be more connected to the global economy. There are some problems.

First, it can be bad for the environment. When big companies from other countries come, they can pollute the air and water. This is bad because people need clean air and water to be healthy.

Second, the jobs that come may not be good. These jobs often pay very little money. People need more money to take care of their families. When the jobs do not pay well, it is hard for people to live well.

In conclusion, connecting more with the global economy can be bad for developing countries. It can harm the environment and not provide good jobs. This is why I think it is not always a good idea. (135語)






3.Yesで英検2級の語彙レベル(CEFR B1)の解答例



① 収入を増やして生活を改善し、経済成長につながること。
② 文化共有を奨励し、新しいことが学べること。

I think that connecting more with the world is good for countries that are still growing. I have two reasons to support my opinion, focusing on economic growth and culture.

First, it helps them make more money. When these countries sell products like food and clothes to other countries, they earn more, which enables them to build better roads and schools. This improves life and contributes to economic growth.

Second, it encourages people from different places to share their cultures. This means they can learn new things from each other, such as different foods, music, and ways to celebrate. Sharing cultures helps people understand each other better.

Therefore, it is really beneficial for developing countries to connect more with the world because it improves life for their people. This connection helps everyone live happier and more integrated lives. (138語)






4.Noで英検2級の語彙レベル(CEFR B1)の解答例



① 特有の文化的慣習や価値観が失われる可能性があること。
② 環境に悪影響を与える可能性があること。

Developing countries can get some good things from joining the global economy, but there are also some problems, especially with their cultures and the environment.

First, when these countries trade more with others, they might start losing their special cultural practices and values. This could make their cultures less interesting and unique.

Second, trying to grow their economy by trading globally can be bad for the environment. Companies might use resources too quickly and make pollution as they try to make more money. This can hurt our planet in the long run.

In short, while there are some benefits for developing countries in joining the global economy, there are also big risks for their culture and environment. They need to think about these risks and find a way to grow their economy while keeping their unique cultures and nature safe. (140語)






5.Yesで英検準1級の語彙レベル(CEFR B2)の解答例



① 経済を成長させることができること。
② 雇用の機会を生み出すこと。

I think it's good for developing countries to connect more with the global economy. I have two reasons to support my opinion, focusing on the economy and job opportunities.

First, it leads to economic growth. By engaging in international trade and attracting foreign investments, these countries can grow their economies. This growth helps improve people’s lives by creating more jobs and raising incomes.

Second, this connection also helps create more jobs. When international companies start businesses in developing countries, they need local workers. This provides job opportunities, which is essential for reducing poverty.

In conclusion, being more involved in the global economy is good for developing countries. It helps them grow economically and creates jobs, making life better for many people. This shows that connecting more with the world economy can have positive effects on a country’s development. (138語)






6.Noで英検準1級の語彙レベル(CEFR B2)の解答例



① 低賃金の不安定な仕事を増やし、地元社会を助けないことがあること。
② 環境に悪影響を与える可能性があること。

I believe that it's not always good for developing countries to be more connected to the global economy, especially regarding job opportunities and environmental issues.

First, joining the global economy can bring more jobs, but these are not always good. Many are low-paying and offer little security, which can lead to worker exploitation. This job growth doesn't really help local communities in the long run.

Second, the environment often suffers when foreign companies operate in developing countries. These companies may pollute the air and water because they don't adhere to strict environmental rules. This pollution harms people's health and local natural resources.

In conclusion, although connecting with the global economy might spur economic growth, this growth can come with significant problems like poor job conditions and environmental damage. Developing countries should carefully consider these issues.








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